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For Teams and Committees

We support teams and committees in achieving their targets and goals and in understanding one another as a community.


Team Development

We moderate team building processes to build trust and develop a common team vision. Based on this vision, we help to formulate concrete goals and derive measures for their accomplishment. As impulse-givers, we then continue to accompany the team to ensure that the measures are binding and sustainable.

Decision-Making Processes

We look at the efficiency and acceptance level of decision-making processes and advise teams and committees on different methods of decision-making.

Through the guided implementation of decision-making processes, we jointly improve the path from controversy to consensus, unity and shared understanding.


We analyze communication behavior and processes in teams and committees to identify development potential and remove blockages. By working on personal attitudes, training constructive communication techniques, and helping to understand contexts and frames, we help groups to develop their communication style and processes sustainably.


We support teams in developing self-responsibility and self-efficacy in their daily work. To this end, we take a close look at structures and hierarchies, teach methods of self-directed teamwork and guide groups to organize their tasks and responsibilities independently.

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