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König & Drescher

Consulting Excellence

for Leadership, Communication and Change

König & Drescher trustfully work with companies to create a modern leadership culture and to make change sustainable. Our expertise lies in the analysis of organizations and the design and implementation of tailor-made development programs for the people in your company. Adaptation to situational needs is the basis of our cooperation and your success. 


Our partners include globally operating companies with up to 10,000 employees, primarily in the manufacturing, logistics, high-tech and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to organizations, we advise teams or committees in the development of their cooperation and decision-making capabilities. 

We also welcome individuals to contact us with their needs and concerns.


We look forward to helping you realize your goals by providingConsulting Excellence


We want to truly understand your company to make a sustainable impact.


Our scientific background shapes our work.

We are excited to get to know you.

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