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We are authors of scientific and practice-oriented publications. As research partners, we remain in constant contact with international scholars. Our background in rhetoric and philosophy gives us broad methodical access to research topics from the field of communication, psychology and organizational theory.


Digital Competence at Work

In this book, together with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hemel, head of the Global Ethic Institute, we address the question  which skills need to be developed in the digital world of work. The goal is to give ideas, so teams can work together in a motivated manner, groups can conduct meetings effectively and managers can succeed in in leading over distance.


Communication as a Success Factor for Digital Strategies.

With our co-author Prof. Dr. Michael Hepp, we develop a practical action model for the communicative support of digital strategies.


Rhetorical Narration in Strategy Processes. 

In this handbook contribution, we discuss how the perspective of rhetoric can help organizations communicate their strategy. Our focus is on storytelling.

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