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About Us


Our Story

In autumn 2016, our doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Joachim Knape carried out a small restructuring at the “Seminar for General Rhetoric” at the University of Tübingen. He put us in the same office and accompanied this with the words: "I hope you two get along."


In the years that followed, we worked as a team to further develop the BA and MA program of the Rhetoric Department. We also wrote research papers, newspaper articles and books together on the topics of rhetoric and communication, change processes and leadership development. During our time as researchers, we raised various project funds, including the project "Disruptive Rhetoric – Strategic Innovation Promotion in Companies" initiated by the Innovation Grants. This research and consulting project, funded by the Excellence Strategy of the University of Tübingen, was carried out in cooperation with business partners from the automotive and pharmaceutical industry.


The management consultancy König & Drescher emerged from the needs of our partners and the joy of working together on sustainable change and development projects. After seven years of intensive and flexible cooperation, which was driven by a cheerful and friendly spirit, one can also unreservedly say that Prof. Dr. Joachim Knape's wish has come true: "We two are getting along."

Our network and our partners

We want to provide excellent consulting for all your requirements and needs. Therefore, we cooperate with experts from different fields who contribute their experience and knowledge to our projects. Our international network includes practitioners with C-level experience, specialists for various consulting topics and researchers who ensure a constant connection to current research and methodological seriousness.

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