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For Individuals

We also support individual executives, decision-makers and young talents with coaching or individual advice.

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In joint discussions, we will help you to formulate your own goal clearly and to identify what you need to achieve this goal. Together we uncover obstacles on your way, but also your own resources that can help you to reach your goal. Through the interview process, which is completely tailored to you, we explore options for action and regularly reflect on your results and progress.

Development Plan

An individual development plan helps you to keep an eye on goals over a long period of time. Through successive development steps, even major requirements and ambitious projects in skills training or personal development can be realized in a structured manner.

1 on 1 Training

Through individual training, we can specifically strengthen your communication and your behavior in situations that are challenging for you. Intensive training enables you to prepare for concrete practical cases in your everyday life. Our exercises will also help you to recognize your own behavioral patterns and develop them further.

This is how you expand your communicative repertoire in social situations.

Training on the Job

The combination of daily work with direct feedback and training of your options for action is particularly effective for the sustainable development of leadership and communication skills.

We support you in your work and offer you the opportunity to work in real time on your skills and receive feedback on your behavior in every-day situations. We do this in a sensible way, so you, your co-workers and your team will be all together comfortable.

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