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Change is a necessary condition for economic success in the VUCA world. Initiating and sustainably anchoring it is a major challenge for organizations and teams alike. On the one hand, successful change requires a strategic and methodical approach; on the other hand, flexible continuous adaptation and further development are indispensable. With a clear analytical view, we help to deal with this complexity. In the preparation and implementation of large and small change projects, we are at your side as consultants and implementers.

Our Approach to Successful Change Management 

Our approach to successful change management:

When accompanying changes, we apply a participatory approach, in which the strategy and the implementation are always interwoven with a comprehensive communication concept. Here are our six key components.

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Vision and Goal Definition

We believe change requires a motivating vision of the ideal outcome and a clear definition of goals. Our approach is to make the very beginning participatory.

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Change requires transparent and continuous communication. Selective communication by the initiators of a change and monologues in information events do not go far enough. For the success of a change process, it is necessary to enter into dialog with all stakeholders again and again.

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A change management plan captures the steps, resources, and timelines necessary for successful change. It also includes a clear resistance analysis and a rigorous method for meaningful monitoring of progress.

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Change cannot always be measured quantitatively. Nevertheless, we believe thorough evaluations are necessary for understanding the status of a change process. To address this complexity, we work with a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. For reliable evaluations, we are happy to bring in our scientific expertise and work together with a wide range of experts from science and practice.

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Stakeholder engagement is essential for successful change. We invite executives, employees, customers and partners to actively shape the change that affects them. Through these interactions we identify multipliers that will play a central role.

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Change is only possible over a long period. This also means that situations and conditions change, and development initiatives shape out differently than planned. We therefore believe, anchoring change is only possible with a flexible approach that continuously adapts to newly emerging situations.

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