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Eine gelingende Kommunikation macht Menschen, Teams und Organisationen erfolgreich. In der Beratung zu verschiedenen Situationen und Zielen schaffen wir Bewusstsein für den Adressaten, die eigene Wirkung und die passende kommunikative Strategie. Als Trainer helfen wir dabei, kommunikative Techniken zu erlernen oder zu verfeinern. 

Unsere Trainings für Kommunikation

Wir arbeiten mit Ihnen an Ihren kommunikativen Fähigkeiten in unterschiedlichen Situationen:

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Public Speaking and Presentations

In group or individual training sessions, we prepare you for speaking in front of small and large audiences. We work your performance and help you to create a storyline and core messages for your presentation. We also train moderation and stage presence and show you techniques to interact with your audience in an engaging way.

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Workshop and Training

In our train the trainer seminars, we accompany internal trainers in organizations in preparing specialist content in a way that is appropriate for different target groups and then conveying it effectively. We also prepare facilitators for workshops and train methods for designing work phases and dealing with groups.

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Conversation Management

In our dialog training, we practice communication techniques for one-on-one meetings such as performance reviews or delegation meetings. We also look at psychological aspects of various situations and the elaboration of conversation strategies for different addressees. 

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Conflict Management

We face emotionally challenging communication situations and practice techniques of de-escalation and objectification of conflicts. In addition, we analyze conflict drivers on a communicative and mental level and train to recognize and avoid dysfunctional behavioral patterns.

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Meeting Facilitation

We simulate meetings in groups and work on overcoming typical challenges. You will learn to lead through meetings in a structured and motivating way, you will also learn how to steer meetings in the role of the participant and to represent your position in a constructive fashion.


Virtual Communication

To train the specific challenges of virtual communication under realistic conditions, we also offer all seminars and workshops via digital platforms. Naturally, we adapt to the digital platform of your organization and work out individual solutions with your available communication tools.

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